With all the talk about rising prices and energy shortages, I thought we could look at London’s 31 decommissioned power stations.

London’s lost power stations:

Acton Lane Power Station (coal, 1899-1983)

Bankside Power Station (coal/oil, 1891-1981)
Barking Power Station (coal/oil/gas, 1925-2018)
Barnes Power Station (coal, 1901-1959)
Battersea Power Station (coal, 1933-1983)
Belvedere Power Station (oil, 1960-1986)
Blackwall Point Power Station (coal, 1900-1984)
Brimsdown Power Station (coal, 1907-1976)
Brunswick Wharf Power Station (coal/oil, 1952-1984)
Bulls Bridge Power Station (gas/oil, 1981-1993)

Croydon Power Stations (coal/gas, 1896-1983)

Deptford Power Station (coal, 1891-1983)

Fulham Power Station (coal, 1901-1978)

Greenwich Power Station (gas, 1906-)
Grove Road Power Station (coal/oil, 1902-1969)

Hackney Power Station (coal, 1901-1976)
Hammersmith Power Station (coal, 1897-1965)
Holborn Viaduct Power Station (coal, 1882-1886)

Kingston Power Station (coal, 1893-1980)

Lombard Road Power Station (coal, 1901-1972)
Lots Road Power Station (oil, 1905-2002)

Neasden Power Station (coal, 1904-1968)

St. Pancras Power Stations (coal, 1891-1968)
Stepney Power Station (coal, 1907-1972)
Stonebridge Park Power Station (coal, 1914-1967)

Taylors Lane Power Station (coal/gas, 1903-1972)

Walthamstow Power Station (coal, 1904-1967)
Wandsworth Power station (coal, 1897-1964)
Wapping Hydraulic Power Station (coal, 1890-1977)
West Ham Power Station (coal, 1904-1983)
Woolwich Power Station (coal, 1893-1978)

The government said it remains committed to a longer-term plan to close all of the country’s coal-fired power plants by October 2024 to help it to hit climate targets.

Having lived throughout the 3-day week with its power cuts, though at the time when I was employed we were producing ‘important’ Government publications, so no energy bans in our factory. Plenty of power cuts at home. Oh Yes! Television stations couldn’t broadcast after 10.30 at night.

But now 50 years later we find ourselves consuming substantially more power with a whole plethora of ‘essential’ stuff. So the question arises: can green power cope?

Should the lights go out comments on a postcard, please.

4 thoughts on “Powerless”

  1. CC note in a bottle:
    In an feeble effort to have global interlocking economies, world peace through cooperation, planetary environmental solutions, blah blah blah, we have become dependent on despots and speculators. Or perhaps we always have been. When the power does go out the ‘cloud’ will vanish, all our lunch photos and stupid selfies will be lost, as will our brilliant blog comments. We passed any hope of human sustainability when we exceeded the carrying capacity, that point where we use up resources as fast as they are replaced by Nature, in about 1970. The problem is not the London Mayor, or Putin, or even the easy one, Trump. The problem is us. Too many of us. So printout your best blogs, put them in a bronze crematory burial urn, and put it where future civilizations will be excavating and may find them. That is a landfill, of course.


  2. Since the 3-day week, the amount of ‘everyday’ electricity used has increased almost to the total limit of production. Charging phones and Tablets, running huge computers, computerised payments and tills in shops and home delivery companies, and so on. I can see a day when the whole system crashes, and cannot be ‘re-booted’. That will be the real ‘apocalypse’, the day when nothing works.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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