Anorak Corner

Have you ever wondered, while you eat your morning cornflakes, just how far the ‘average’ Londoner travels a year? Well, working diligently at CabbieBlog Towers the numbers have been crunched, so you don’t have to bother.

But first the methodology. The figures are for 2019-20, due to the coronavirus pandemic no figures have been collected any later. The estimates of average distance travelled by mode are supplied by Transport for London’s London Travel Demand Survey. The figures have some key limitations: data is for London residents only and restricted to trips that are wholly within Greater London; modes are assigned based on the main mode for each trip undertaken; distances are estimated as ‘crow fly’ straight lines between origin and destination and, as such, under-estimate the actual distance travelled.

It turns out that the total average total distance travelled per person is 3,000 kilometres a year.

Mr ‘Average’ occasionally hails a cab or private hire which transports him a total of 66km.

Other modes comprise: National Rail (521km); Underground (753km); Bus (378km); Car (618km); Car Passenger (328km); Motorcycle (14km); Cycle (81km); and Walk 242km).

Now, I can work out how the Mayor’s Office can deduce distances travelled on its network, but who tells them the distances walked? And is Big Brother recording private vehicle journeys? As the figures are for London residents only how do they differentiate between those from The Smoke and Out of Towners?

There you have it, more information about travel than you really wanted.

3 thoughts on “Anorak Corner”

  1. I cannot really see how stats like these can be accurate. Unless they are following every Londoner, every day, (impossible) how could they ever know? What about the keen runners, running up to 10 miles or more a day? Those participating in Marathons, or hobby cyclists traveling across the capital? It feels like a lot of nonsense to me, and a waste of money compiling the figures.
    Cheers, Pete.


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