Unblogged London

Once in a while, an occasional London subject pops up in my brain, often these are not worthy of a long-form post, or short enough for a tweet.

As an experiment, I thought I’d try drafting these snippets for anyone who would like to receive them and send them via email. It’s free, of course, titled Unblogged London, it has a distinct format courtesy of Substack, an app that makes it possible for writers to communicate via email, with the addition of an app should you wish to read work from other writers.

Most Unblogged London posts will be short reads only taking a couple of minutes to peruse with the addition of the odd photo. You can subscribe here:

At uncertain intervals (you won’t be getting these that often) they’ll pop into your inbox. Signing up is free (a paid version is offered for some other Substack contributors) and contributions from me will always cost nothing. If you’d like to sign up please do so and consider sharing.

The first missive: The London Garrotting Panics.

7 thoughts on “Unblogged London”

    1. The problem is that partners of veterinary practices are selling out to only two or three companies now buying them out, who then need to recoup their investment. Pet charities are also now becoming commercialised. My daughter who’s a theatre VN has left in disgust, starting her own business.

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  1. At the moment, the Vet I use is owned by two partners who left another Vet’s that had been bought by a large company. The parents of one of the partners live in the close behind my house, so I know the family. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t sell out if the price was right, I agree with you there.


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