The Life of a Blog

Apost by Diamond Geezer dropped in my Pocket app last week. As Diamond Geezer is one of London’s most read blogs with millions of ‘hits’, I thought I’d better read it, the RSS feed started:

I didn’t mean for this blog to last for 20 years. I thought I’d start it one dull Sunday afternoon in September 2002 with no real thought of audience, content or duration.

This got me thinking about how many good London blogs have fallen by the wayside, and ultimately Diamond Geezer’s remarkable longevity.

Annie Mole’s comprehensive views on the London Underground lasted until June 2014 after the blog came out of a static site about the Tube, which started as a New Year’s Resolution in 1999.
Flora Tonking wrote The Accidental Londoner extensively for a decade, now the link gives you IanVisits.

Pete Stean’s excellent Londoneer, published under a Creative Commons Licence was deleted when he went on an academic quest. And Brian the Pigeon has now ceased to give us his view of London.

Tired of London, Tired of Life existed from October 2008 and by 2nd January 2009 was posting daily, giving birth to books. 17th July 2015 was its last missive.

Some blogs (including this one) are still regularly posting. Should you wish to check out London’s finest websites you can find them here:

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