The world’s most famous telephone

There must be millions of public call boxes around the world, but I doubt if there is one more famous than Parliament Square’s kiosk.

But first for any millennials who might ask: “What’s a phone box?”. The old red telephone box is an icon of Britain from days gone by, used nowadays only by tourists for their Instagram posts and Japanese girls modelling bridal wear. Red phone boxes were once very popular if only because they were the only method we had to have a distance conversation.

With hinges buckled by overuse, windows frosted with the decades-old glue of sex-workers calling cards and floors stained with urine, these weathered old hulks make obvious photographic props for anyone on their first trip to London.

The world’s most photographed kiosk on Parliament Square’s north side is not going anywhere as it’s on Historic England’s protected register. But not only do these quaint old kiosks symbolise Britain’s historic influence in the world to a lot of people but some actually work.

Now, the number for this phone box has been shared on Twitter by Nick Walker, who’s encouraging people to go old school, and welcome a tourist to London.

020 7930 1397
This is the number for this phonebox on Parliament Square. There’s normally a queue of tourists waiting to get a photograph with it, so give it a call sometime. Who knows who you might speak to.

— Nick Walker (@nickw84)

Having rung the number on several occasions I’ve had no luck in talking to someone, maybe you’ll be able to talk to a tourist.

Featured image: English: K2 telephone box in Parliament Square (rotated) by Jorge A. Ramos C.

2 thoughts on “The world’s most famous telephone”

  1. Glad to hear it is listed. I would have liked them to have listed the one in Grange Road, SE1, where I once had a ‘favourable encounter’ with a young woman who was drunk. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. I used to work in Willow Walk, Bermondsey, didn’t see a plaque commemorating your encounter there. Some of the guys drank in the first pub you encountered down Grange Road from the junction with Tower Bridge Road. He had an ‘encounter’ there in the toilets using the ladies’ washbasins for support! Must be something in the air in that area.

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