Pedant Alert

Social media users have been asking what the new route, opening today and marked with purple signage, is to be called.

Now stay with me on this, a pedant’s paradise. Because the Elizabeth Line is not part of the Underground, apparently it’s a separate ‘mode’ with its own roundel colour, like the DLR, the Overground, London Trams, or Emirates Air Line.

Now when it was – and remains with many of us – Crossrail, it could be deemed a separate entity to the rest of the Underground, although the logic blurs when it was branded Elizabeth, named after our current Queen, much like the Victoria was, you get the point.

I have no real qualms about it being called Elizabeth Line but differentiating it from say Jubilee, Circle or Metropolitan is a bit of a stretch. And when Crossrail 2 becomes known as such, will it also need to be a separate entity with its own roundel and become a ‘mode’.

For originally this north/south engineering feat (if it’s ever built) was to be simply another ‘line’. There was early talk about Crossrail 2 taking a mustard colour scheme as its roundel, with the moniker Brunel Line being floated about, which could change when Prince Charles is crowned, then the branding experts will rename it – The Charlie Line.

But it obviously depends on the project happening, and if it is still seen as a ‘Crossrail’ type railway, or a more ‘Underground’ style system, which then it would have red roundels and no ‘line’ at the end of its name. Confused?.

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