I’m not leaving any time soon

Groucho Marx might not be happy here when he quoted: “I’m leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it’s not raining.” But I’m staying put for the time being for many reasons.

In the early 1970s, I watched a play at The Ambassadors Theatre in West Street, at the time thinking it was pretty prosaic and unlikely to run for much longer. I’m still waiting for The Mousetrap to fold.

I still have £17.14 unused on my Dartford Crossing account, they charge enough without giving them more.

Sadiq Khan hasn’t banned my ageing Volkswagen Golf yet with his ULEZ scam for those of us who don’t want to replace our vehicles every 24 months.

I’m still waiting for Crossrail to open.

I’ve yet to take a thrilling ride on the Emirates Cable Car, it has yet to get a new £36 million sponsor when on 29th June the Emirates deal expires, then it will be renamed, after much thought, The London Cable Car.

I fancy asking a policeman on foot patrol the time. One day when the Met’s chief thinks of returning police to our streets, I can test the urban myth of asking the time, while conspicuously holding my phone.

My postcode might come up on the Postcode Lottery after I move house (I had better buy a ticket first).

I’ve yet to relinquish my license even though 1,551 London cabbies have already stopped working this year.

I have a Freedom Pass (if only we had public transport which went to where I want from near my house).

2 thoughts on “I’m not leaving any time soon”

  1. I get some use out of my bus pass here. Mainly to go to hospital appointments and Christmas shopping in Norwich. But I have to drive into town and park the car first, as no bus goes from Beetley to Norwich.
    I think I have about £3.70 on my Dartford Crossing account. I haven’t been to visit my friends in Kent since the lockdowns.
    Cheers, Pete.


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