March’s Monthly Musings

Cab News

Yesterday ride-hailing app Uber has been granted a new London operator’s licence. Transport for London has relented and given the controversial business model a further 30 months in the forlorn hope that the company and its drivers will comply with the regulators’ stipulations.

What I’m Listening

Hazel Baker, London tour guide and CEO of London Guided Walks makes a weekly podcast about London’s history in bite-sized portions. Listening to Number 56 uploaded on 21st May 2021: London’s Black Cab Legacy.

What I’m Reading

Netgalley has allowed me to read the first chapter of Jessie Burton’s new novel The House of Fortune, its narrative continues from The Miniaturist which I loved.

What I’m Watching

The Ipcress File is loosely based on Len Deighton’s first spy novel which I read many years ago. With Putin now trying to expand Russia’s influence (and borders) this remake of the Michael Caine original is strangely prophetic.

What else

Just dispatched the manuscript of my memoir to eBook Versions to be formatted for Kindle and Print on Demand at Amazon. It’s something that is beyond my expertise. At the time of the Falklands Conflict, I was a typesetter producing the House of Lords Hansard Daily Parts, and eBook Versions’ owner was one of the sub-editors. Small world indeed.

3 thoughts on “March’s Monthly Musings”

  1. Good luck with the book. I haven’t bothered with The Ipcress File so far, might watch it on catch up.
    My friends in south London love Uber. (I have never used it) Because as you know, it’s tricky to get a black cab south of the river, especially in areas like Dulwich and Crystal Palace.
    Cheers, Pete.


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