The Color Purple

You’re going to see a lot of purple (or is it mauve?) around London this year.

According to Pantone, who have provided the industry standard for colour in design since the early 1960s, Very Peri is the colour of the year.

Red is often used to express importance or a sense of urgency. Yellow is associated with creativity and fun. Blue is a calming set of colours that inspires qualities of dependability and trust, and is the part of the spectrum that houses Very Peri, short for periwinkle (it’s got nothing to do with Portuguese chicken), or catalogued as Pantone 17-3938.

Transport for London is a stickler when it comes to branding, and when Crossrail transmogrifies into the Elizabeth Line your eyes will find it hard to escape the vivid hues of Pantone 266c [featured] sloshed liberally over roundels, signage, and even the rolling stock’s upholstery.

Purple is regarded as a regal colour, and yes, in London we plan to celebrate an important event in June, which should feature a lot of purple, mauve, lilac or violet.

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