An Old Man’s Game

It has always been said that driving a cab was for those who already had plenty of work experience. But data from Transport for London I’ve recently found show just how few younger drivers are out there working.

In fact, there are 8 times more drivers over 41 than under that mid-life median.

Most don’t leave school to become cab drivers, those 31 under 27 years of age are very unusual. Even more unusual and, given the regular medicals, surprising is the cabbie over 92 years of age.

To make matters worse those just under 20,000 drivers are chasing only 13,461 licensed vehicles a grave disparity brought about by Transport for London.

Alfred Collins was London’s longest-serving taxi driver in 2007. He retired and died on 11 May 2007. Following 70 years of service, in 2007 Collins, aged 92, was honoured and presented an award by Transport for London at the Public Carriage Office.

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