London Opinion

As a London cabbie, I just had to include on CabbieBlog a magazine which most Londoners didn’t realise existed, but most cabbies could have edited. London Opinion ran for 50 years, first as a weekly from 26 December 1903 to 27 June 1931, then monthly until April 1954.

At its height of popularity, it was one of the most influential publications in the world. On 5th September 1914 at the start of the First World War, it published a cover, the image of which encouraged more than two million men to sign up in the first years of the war before conscription was introduced in 1916.

The ‘Kitchener Poster’ has proved to be incredibly powerful, prime ministers, film stars and presidents have emulated that pose.

But if you want London opinion today you can get it from any driver of a London cab, the magazine was subsumed into Men Only.

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