The world’s most luxurious cab

Occasionally here at CabbieBlog, we bring interesting cab conversations. Situated on St. John’s Wood roundabout, and passed by thousands of cabbies every day, Clive Sutton has produced the ultimate cab. Dubbed the world’s most luxurious black cab, the Sutton VIP LEVC Taxi starts at £104,680, with the fully-loaded vehicle costing £121,480.

Fitted out to your specifications, among those offered include automatic push-button door closing mechanisms used by Rolls-Royce, leather-clad reclining seats, a drinks fridge, sunroof with blinds, 20″ TV screen, electric footrests, ambient multi-colour mood lighting and for London’s inclement weather – matching umbrellas.

Now, where’s my wallet . . .

3 thoughts on “The world’s most luxurious cab”

  1. I recall when I almost bought the ‘Private Hire Vehicle’ sold by Carbodies, in the 1970s. Very much a black cab, missing the roof bulge for the light. I would balk at £100,000 plus, even with a Lottery win, but this new cab does look gorgeous.
    (Side note, I bought a Chrysler Neon from Clive Sutton in 1998, at their dealership opposite Lord’s Cricket Ground. )
    Best wishes, Pete.


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