Turned out nice again

I don’t know about you, but it always seems to be raining here. It wasn’t so long ago when you could identify a prospective fare from an American tourist due to the light beige raincoat draped over the arm.

So it’s come as a surprise that London is the second driest city in Western Europe. At 21.9 inches of rain a year, just behind Marseille at 20.3, and gratifying way ahead of Paris and Berlin.

Glasgow leads the way when it comes to rain at 44.3 inches a year. Glasgow also leads the way as the least sunny of Europe’s major cities, with an average of just 1,203 hours of sunshine a year, from June to September it receives less sunshine per month than any other European city. London trails along in 4th position with 1,410, even Manchester gets six hours more sunlight a year.

Unsurprisingly London doesn’t come anywhere near the top for the coldest city in Europe but can claim to be one of the hottest. The first four positions have been taken by France: Marseille, Nice, Lyon and Paris, with London at an average of 59.5ºF.

2 thoughts on “Turned out nice again”

  1. In 60 years of living in London, I didn’t see as much rain as in the first 5 years I lived here in Beetley. And Norfolk claims to be the driest county in England!
    Best wishes, Pete.


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