Camper Cab

Occasionally on CabbieBlog we post about London cab conversations, among those featured have been a pirate ship, ice cream vendor and coffee barista, however, today’s must be one of the most innovative.

There’s an apocryphal story of an old cabbie that would sleep in Heathrow Airport’s feeder rank sitting in the back of his cab hunched over a primus stove cooking his full English. A Carriage Officer who had the duty to make sure all drivers obeyed the regulations, would turn a blind eye to somebody having forty winks but a fry-up was just a dangerous step too far.

London black cab maker, LEVC has taken this a step further and designed a tiny electric camper van converted from the latest hybrid black cabs in London.

The company is aiming at eco-conscious campers looking for a camper van that is small, easy to drive, and protect the environment, although at £74,700 it won’t protect your wallet.

The new pop-up roof model, which sleeps four, is powered by the same configuration as the original cab. A 31kWh battery and electric motor provide up to 60.9 miles of zero-emission travel. Should you have wide aspirations of travel a three-cylinder petrol engine continues to supply power to the electric motors driving the wheels, enabling a total journey of 304 miles. The vehicle also boasts of the famous 25ft turning circle.

Assuming Transport for London licence the vehicle for public hire the cabbie that doesn’t want, or can’t, go home can enjoy front seats rotating 180 degrees, providing a living-room setup. The rear seats fold down to a double bed while extending the roof gives space for two to sleep in the raised section.

Should the cabbie want a ‘full English’ breakfast, the rear section of the cabin includes an electric kitchenette, a folding table and a second-row bench seat that folds into a bed. It makes those cabbie green shelters look spacious in comparison.


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