Three-quarters of a million

BLIMEY! Sometime in the next 24-hours, CabbieBlog will welcome its three-quarters of a millionth reader. Sorry, no prizes whoever you are.

But more accurately it’ll be the 750,000 times that a slightly ropey stats package has registered a unique visit (a more forensic search attributes another 581,048 to the total), which totally isn’t the same thing, but still very much worth celebrating, even if some other London bloggers can lay claim to millions of ‘hits’. Anyhow you can see that impressive total on the ‘On The Meter’ section in the sidebar.

Thousands of cab rides

Three-quarters of a million equate to 107,142 electric taxis full of passengers including the driver, or every resident of The Kingdom of Bhutan (it’s in the Himalayas) having a peek, not that anyone from that well-known destination on the Silk Route has checked out CabbieBlog.

Social media is king

Few wish to read long-form posts these days. Now that social media is king, blogs no longer have a fraction of the traction they enjoyed a decade ago, this is because the ability to drive traffic has shifted away from those who generate their own content towards those who merely digest the content of others.

Some of us carry on writing stuff because we want to, even if it’s harder to be heard above the social media buzz than ever before.

Additionally many arrive unrecorded at CabbieBlog via feed services such as Feedly or The Old Reader (which seems to describe CabbieBlog’s author) or Bloglovin’ where last time I looked CabbieBlog had over 170 followers.

Regular readers

But the vast majority of my readers didn’t click in just from anywhere, they rely on the force of habit. My most regular readers are fellow WordPress bloggers, you lot keep reading, generally without needing a nudge from elsewhere, which is particularly nice.

Regular posts

I’ve hit three-quarters of a million by being reliable rather than clickable, because there’ll almost certainly be a new post to read at 1.50 every Tuesday and Friday, with Quotes on Monday and Trivia to peruse on Sunday afternoon.

Well chuffed

I don’t mind where my three-quarters of a million came from, I’m just well chuffed that you still bother turning up. Thanks to all of you, and here’s to my first millionth visitor arriving sometime in a few years time . . .

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