Shades of Grey

Writing earlier this week about my Mission Statement and blogging in general, it occurred to me that this form of writing and communicating has become a generational malarkey.

But first, let me take you to the halcyon days of blogging when we would get invited to anything from book launches to private viewings to places not normally open to the public.

One such invite (in fact twice to this location) was to the BT Tower. Once to witness the launch of BT’s new home modem. Quite what that had to do with CabbieBlog I’ve never understood.

The other invitation was for bloggers (or influencers in their parlance), to listen to a talk by Leo Hollis author of The Phoenix: The Men Who Made Modern London.

Now, here’s the thing. Having been shot up by lift to the top of the BT Tower, the organiser stepped forward to ask if I was the speaker. I realised later his mistake was due to my age. I was, like Leo Hollis in my 50s, while everyone else was in their 20s.

And this is how blogging has changed. In the nascent years of blogging, much of this fraternity had just left university. Now many good blogs, and plenty of crap ones, by this group have fallen by the wayside, I suppose they now have more important demands on their life.

Today the Millennials don’t want to write long-form posts when a Facebook or Instagram picture is sufficient, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Now many who take the time to respond to my twice-weekly missives are – how shall I put this? – Not in their first flush of youth.

Now, this could be that my sedentary posts appeal to others of my age group. Writing such riveting subjects as ‘Just where was London’s first door number?’ probably wouldn’t appeal to many under 40.

With a little research (checking out the internet) I’ve discovered that 10 years ago, when I was ascending the BT Tower, the average age of bloggers fell in the 21-35 range, uploading over half of all posts. Conversely, those between 51-65 of age accounted for just 7.1 per cent of posts.

Today with a new post uploaded every 0.5 seconds, the same body of researchers found those over 60 now account for 20 per cent of uploads, nearly three times those of 10 years ago.

From which you can extrapolate that somewhere in the world, every 2½ seconds (or 34,560 times a day) someone in carpet slippers, wearing comfortable, sensible clothing, is peering through their bifocals uploading a post.

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