How Coronavirus Has Affected Taxi Services

During such unprecedented times, the future can be very difficult to forecast. Although events are very much still unfolding and the threat of a second wave looming, it’s clear to see the rather dramatic effect that COVID-19 has had on the likes of the taxi industry.

In most areas of the UK, shops and businesses spent at least 100 days of this year’s trading with their doors shut. Offices in cities and suburbs shut their doors and a max exodus took place with the vast majority of workers working from home where and when possible.

The likes of taxi services such as Uber and Lyft have felt the pressure however with huge funding behind them, the pressure remains just that, pressure. Whether they feel the full force of the pandemic with permanent repercussions remains to be seen but what we do know is the likes of Licensed London Cabs and smaller taxi services such as Woking Taxi, a local Woking-based taxi company, have been hit hard during this time.

Local Taxi Services Pull Through COVID-19

Many local taxi services have made huge adjustments to their services during the middle of the pandemic when taxi services were considered an essential trade. Despite their social distancing and safety measures, many still saw a huge dip with less and fewer people needing or in fact, wanting travel services.

Thankfully, companies such as Woking Taxi with the help of their friendly and familiar service, their professional drivers and of course their immaculately turned out cars, Woking Taxi Service has begun to see a turn in trade. As the country begins to slowly reopen, with shops, restaurants, pubs and bars slowly reopening, people are now beginning to use these local taxi services more and more.

Are Local Taxi Services Outshining The Likes Of Uber?

With this gradual increase in demand as the economy begins to reopen its doors, the question being asked is why local, smaller firms such as this are surviving such a huge impact? Could it be the personalised and familiar service that taxi firms such as these provide?

It could also very well be the fact that taxi services such as Licenced London Cabs, Woking Taxi or other local London taxi firms are far more regulated than the likes of Uber or Lyft who have come under fire in recent years for a lack of regulations and safety for customers.

Regardless, despite the incredible impact COVID-19 has had on the taxi industry as a whole, we’re incredibly pleased to see independent companies like Woking Taxi beginning to thrive once more, and long may it continue.

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2 thoughts on “How Coronavirus Has Affected Taxi Services”

  1. During this pandemic, taxi drivers suffer a lot. Due to lockdown, all people stay in their homes. It directly affected taxi drivers. We have to support taxi drivers during this lockdown.


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