Pale, male and frail

In the early years of this century, it seemed everyone and his dog were writing a blog. So many were written about areas, now referred annoyingly as ‘communities’, that I compiled a page entitled London Links which amounted to over 100 entries. Today many of those links now disappear into cyber-space, or the sites haven’t been updated for years.

Scanning down this year’s top 100 London Bloggers in 2020 I found that CabbieBlog was ranked at 61. Now, here’s what piqued my interest (apart from the vanity trip, and finding that CabbieBlog was languishing near the bottom), by far the majority of these popular sites featured lifestyle and were written by young women, in fact at least 37, and considering many others were corporate, it would seem over half were written for a young, mainly female audience.
Now, most of these gave the name of the author, usually with a picture of a fresh-faced millennial to reinforce its authenticity that the blog was for younger female visitors.

So it would seem this demographic is still interested in this kind of personal engagement, while older men have moved on to another fad.

In London the enduring blogs lasting over a decade or more seem to be written by those who are pale, male and frail, I’m guessing here, also, unlike the younger ladies, many publish under a synonym. Spitalfields Life by The Gentle Author; Diamond Geezer by himself; at CabbieBlog yours truly writes under Gibson Square; Pigeon Blog is cleverly composed by Brian the Pigeon; the Wandering Scotsman waxes lyrical on London is Cool; Ian Visits apparently is named after its author, Ian; and the possible exception is Annie Mole’s London Underground written since 2003, although not recently, by a woman, who clearly cannot by a millennial.

Blogs written by younger women are read by this particular demographic, I can’t for the life of me see myself reading the Heroine in Heels site. So who reads these older sites often written under a synonym? This is the question for today. Is it only the authors who are pale, male and frail, or are also their readers?

4 thoughts on “Pale, male and frail”

  1. Hi, For your reader statistics, I’m 78 and male but due to genomic good fortune or some other luck I cannot really claim to be pale or frail. I never miss reading your blogs though, keep it up!
    Cheers Chris


  2. At the start of this year I asked my readers how many decades they’d lived through.

    Of the 75 who replied,
    40% were under 50,
    40% were in their 50s or 60s
    and 20% were over 70.

    So by no means all ‘pale, male and frail’.


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