Underground alphabet

Here are six almost random Underground stations and their related trivia.

Belsize Park
Don’t believe the signs telling you how many steps there are, a lot of them are wrong: the biggest discrepancy being at Belsize Park, it has a sign claiming that the stairs have 219 steps, but there are actually 189. It’s not clear why they lie about it.

Chalk Farm
Chalk Farm is not named after some old chalk farm, but rather a more boring corruption of ‘Chalcot Farm’, called ‘Chaldecot(e) in 1253 the name probably derives from ‘cold bleak cottages’ that dotted the slopes of a hill here.

On Comic Relief Day 2014, supporting the charity, staff at Oval station put up a special Underground roundel in the shape of an oval, it was also the first railway station to employ electrified tracks on the London Underground.

Named Queen’s Road originally because Queen Victoria was born nearby, but people thought that ‘lacked distinctiveness’, so was changed. Its entrance is in Bayswater and Bayswater’s entrance is it Queensway.

St John’s Wood
Is the only station on the London Underground which does not contain any of the letters in the word ‘mackerel’, though that is only because Saint always appears as St, and because Hoxton is on the London Overground but not the Underground.

Uxbridge used to have three railway stations – Uxbridge Vine Street (originally just called Uxbridge Station), Uxbridge High Street, and Uxbridge Belmont Road, all these have now closed, replaced by the Underground. Being the final or first station on the line, depending on your direction of travel. It has a tunnel designed to mirror the one at Cockfosters at the opposing end of the line.

If you haven’t already guessed these six tube station names include every letter of the alphabet.

CHalk FarM
ST. John’s WOoD

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