The 12 drunk passengers of Christmas

Christmas is a time for coming together. Whether it’s for a family meal, a night out with friends, or a work party, you can guarantee most revellers will be enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two over the festive season. In fact, the average Brit has their first drink at 9:05 am on Christmas Day! As well as individuals, businesses take part too in this Festival of Alcohol. It is estimated that UK companies spent an astounding £1 billion on Christmas parties last year.

With so many people under the influence, who’s driving them all home? Well, those sober people at icarinsurance celebrate the unsung heroes of Christmas – the designated drivers who have to deal with the friends, family and colleagues who’ve had one too many drinks, and the cabbies who just want you out of their vehicle.

What better way to honour them than to share some of the situations they bravely battle, with the 12 types of drunk passengers that designated drivers may be faced with this year?

The one who doesn’t want the party to stop
The one who puts the world to rights

The one who wants you to know how much you mean to them
The one with a bone to pick
The one who zonks out and leaves you lonely
The one who treats your cab like a takeaway
The one with an urgent pit stop request
The one who shows you what they had for dinner
The one who always knows the best route home
The one proudly wearing their themed onesie
The one you just want to get home in one piece
The one who reveals things you just didn’t want to know

A version of this post was published by CabbieBlog on 16th December 2016

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