London Trivia: Last night at the Proms

On 16 September 1967 at the last night of the Proms Sir Malcolm Sargent came onto the platform at the end of the concert to huge applause and made his traditional Last Night speech. He died seventeen days later on 3rd October. Since 1968, the year after Sargent’s death, the Proms have begun on a Friday evening rather than as previously a Saturday, and in memory of Sargent’s choral work, a large-scale choral piece is customarily given.

On 16 September 1977 Marc Bolan lead singer of T.Rex died aged 29 when his car crashed into a tree in Barnes a memorial is there

Newgate Prison was renovated with funding provided by London’s famous mayor, Dick Whittington, with a bequest in his will of 1422, the gate and gaol were pulled down and rebuilt

Under Cleopatra’s Needle a time capsule contains cigars, a razor, Queen Victoria’s portrait, newspapers and pictures of 12 English beauties

During the plague a sage said breathing on a chicken for self-diagnosis: if you’re infected the chicken becomes ‘roupy’ and lay rotten eggs

At a Twickenham public park 8 naked ladies disport on fountain rockery so startlingly white during World War II their bums were sprayed grey for the blackout

When Animal Farm was published in 1945 George Orwell was living at 27b Canonbury Square he moved there in the autumn of 1944 after their flat in Kilburn was hit by a  V-1 flying bomb

Tea made its first appearance in London in September 1658, when the new beverage was advertised in a pamphlet by Thomas Garraway, a coffeehouse owner

Griffin Park Brentford FC’s home since 1904 is renowned for being the only English league ground to have a pub on each corner, and the ground is named after one of these

Blackfriars is London’s only station to have entrances on both sides of the Thames, it is world’s largest solar-powered bridge having been covered with 4,400 photovoltaic panels

19th Century ‘pure finders’ wandered London collecting dog faeces required by the many South Bank tanners to purify the leather

Street names that sadly no longer exist include Shiteburn Lane, Pissing Alley, and more than one Gropecunt Lane

CabbieBlog-cab.gifTrivial Matter: London in 140 characters is taken from the daily Twitter feed @cabbieblog.
A guide to the symbols used here and source material can be found on the Trivial Matter page.

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