Labouring the point

I read recently that an expectant mum if they feel the need to get to the hospital quickly, are being encouraged to use a black cab. In fact, there is hardly a London cabbie who hasn’t dashed to the hospital with their passenger in labour or at least knows one who has.

In an effort to claw back customers from the competition MyTaxi is encouraging its 17,500 members to undertake a first-aid course with the St. John’s Ambulance charity.

[U]SING A London cab makes a lot of sense, as 71 percent of cabbies’ responding to a survey say they’ve made emergency journeys to hospitals. Nowadays ambulances are often tied up for hours waiting to discharge their patient at A&E, your local private hire driver has a saloon car, hardly appropriate should the little one not wish to wait, and an Uber driver is unlikely to know where the nearest hospital is likely to be, even though the route signs direct you to the destination.

For the purposes of research, I decided to check out Mumsnet who had a discussion headed ‘London Taxi recommendations for getting to the hospital in labour’.

Flossam responded:

My taxi driver was really sweet. Said I was bringing a gift into the world and the taxi fore should be his gift to us. We did still pay him though.

Expatkat waited until her contractions were three minutes apart before getting Radio Taxis to transport her the 5-minute journey from the house to St. Mary’s, Paddington. Her husband had to wait for the babysitter to arrive so Expatkat made the journey alone much to the consternation of the elderly cabbie.

Curiously later the same cabbie picked her up with the now 6-month-old baby and informed her that his wife had worried about his pregnant passenger and would delight in being told that the delivery went smoothly.

PrettyCandles had been on a first-aid course themselves and was told, should you need medical help, a London cabbie is unlikely to just dump you in the street and had used a black cab during both her labours.

I just hope she is right and that my colleagues do their best and possibly help, if necessary, in the delivery.

What do you have to say for yourself?

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