First, an apology. For the past week, you have been deprived of your regular CabbieBlog missives. The reason is a web shell – no me neither!

According to the urgent email I received, this is “a scrip that attackers upload to compromised web-servers in order to gain remote access . . . to execute arbitrary commands, send emails, create phishing and malware”.

[S]O THERE you have it, international criminals have decided that our blog is so influential they, or their algorithms, have taken the time to infiltrate our little corner of cyberspace.

This incursion has entailed rebuilding the site, a frustrating and time-consuming process. It has caused you to receive notifications as old posts being published as if they hadn’t been seen before, and to my regret, some of your comments have been binned. Again I can only apologise again.

All this leads to a rebuilt site and a means of preventing another occurrence, and the costs involved.

In a few weeks time, I’ll be inviting you to support CabbieBlog by making a monthly donation.

For $1 a month (sorry the £ doesn’t exist on the web), you can become a patron through the Patreon portal, a proven safe way of giving donations.

In future, CabbieBlog will still have twice-weekly posts on anything relating to London, and the Sunday ‘London Trivia’ will continue to be accessible to anyone with an interest in the world’s greatest city.

But, as a bonus, I’ve written Pootling around London: Manor House to Gibson Square, a travelogue about riding around London exploring the Capital’s traditions, tripe and trivia, whilst undertaking The Knowledge. Chapters are soon to be published fortnightly available only to Patreon subscribers donating $1 a month. Every 2 weeks the long-form post will include an in-depth article about a single ‘run’ on The Knowledge: the journey; notes and observations from the present; and historical accounts of places on the route.

For 71p per month (at current rates) you can support CabbieBlog and help keep the blog on the road for another 10 more years. If in the future, you wish to opt out, this may be done at any time, and I’ll not hold it against you.

Unless, that is, you’re an international cyberspace criminal.

2 thoughts on “Sorry”

  1. As a Londoner in Colorado using a US Chromebook but dealing a lot with the UK £ sign I have found the quickest way is just to Google ‘UK pound symbol’ & when it comes up just copy & paste [Which is what I did with the £ sign in this paragraph.] or of course copy it from another source. Look on the bright side at least it is ‘£’ & not ‘€’! Besides I enjoyed your old articles that cyber criminals sent me – all six of them in 24 hours. I thought you were taking some kind energy pill. I was going to suggest it to the West Ham United squad. Regards.


    1. Yes CabbieBlog is back this time with additional security from criminals who want to steal both ‘£s’ and ‘$’


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