Long and winding road

The thoroughfare with the shortest name in London is Hide in Beckton, credit for the shortest falls to Candover Street in Fitzrovia at 135ft.

But which has the longest name and the greatest length? The longest name has surely to go to St. Martin-in-Fields Church Path, though some pedants give Stoke Newington Church Street as it is a ‘proper’ street, that can be driven down in my taxi.

[A]ND AS for the longest? Well, the consensus is that Green Lanes, stretching from Newington Green to Enfield is the clear winner, it does, incidentally intersect Stoke Newington Church Street and changes its name occasionally ending with London Road.

Using this measure my ‘longest’ thoroughfare starts at St. Paul’s and travels into another country, where incidentally it’s also called London Road and from which one can see the country’s parliament.

The A1’s journey takes in Goswell Road along Upper Street, which in reality is the lower part of this 410 mile-long road. It takes in Holloway and Archway Roads, Apex Corner, leaving London at Junction 23 of the M25 (Bignell’s Corner).

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