Taxi! Taxi!

This remarkable film from the old Rank Organisation shows how much the cab trade has changed over the years. The most obvious difference is that cabbies worked for a garage while nowadays all London cabbies are self employed, and that they learnt The Knowledge on bikes. Other more apparent changes since being filmed is the low traffic levels and the slight haze caused by air pollution.

4 thoughts on “Taxi! Taxi!”

  1. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I’m saddened by the struggles cabbies have with modernization. Competition from Uber will probably eventually wipe out the little black cab unless a way is found compete with them. It would be sad not to see them on the streets of London and to meet the wonderful guys who drive them. I hope they don’t go the way of red postboxes and red phone booths.


    1. Thanks Anne for your comment, and sorry for the delay in replying I managed to ‘lose’ all the recent comments. Competition for any business is good for it keeps up the standards, Uber’s business model seems to be, throw billions of dollars into the objective of bankrupting any competition rather than offering a better service. No-one will realise what they had until it is lost.


  2. A shame that a really interesting piece of info is accompanied by anti EU comment that I’m
    sure is well intentioned but seems misdirected. The internet is a tricky place and if the UK government as part of the EU is trying to protect us, then I think it’s a good idea to respect that.


    1. Thanks for your comment, and sorry for the delay in replying I managed to ‘lose’ all the recent comments.
      Rest assured that if we leave the European Union, and the current legislation regarding the notification of the use of cookies is still in force, I’ll then blame our own politicians for the very annoying pop-up.


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