Blue Plaques anniversary

This year marks the 150th anniversary for London Blue Plaques scheme by English Heritage. Blue Plaques commemorate some of Britain’s most prolific historical figures of our heritage. Celebrating those who have shaped our society in more ways than we can count has become a timeless and enduring feature of the British townscape we know.
The official anniversary is to be celebrated 7-8 May, with a weekend of walking tours, memorabilia and a new Blue Plaques App.

[D]uring the weekend of festivities, there are a number of new Blue Plaques that will be unveiled, with the likes of Samuel Beckett and Freddie Mercury being added to the star-studded list of former British residents who made a difference.

Not only have Blue Plaques added a historical significance to our cultural awareness, Blue Plaques have added prestige and value to the buildings they are adorned to. From the properties owned by Sir Winston Churchill, Karl Marx and T.S Eliot, the Blue Plaque effect seems to luring investors and buyers to snatch up properties with English Heritage status as it seems to be the case that the famous plaques are adding value to these London properties.
Below is an infographic produced by Fast Sale Today:

Blue Plaques Infographic


5 thoughts on “Blue Plaques anniversary”

    1. As any London cabbie knows TITE Street is the only realistic right hand turn going west down Chelsea Embankment. The name of the street is not intended to be a comment on its residents parsimonious ways. Thanks for the comment


    2. You know that, and I know that, and I daresay we both know that Whistler lived more or less opposite, but (and I so wish I knew how to put a jpg in this comment box) the “Fast Sale Today” pic above spells it Tight St.

      Oskar Wild and Jimmy Whissler, what larks!


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