The Tipple Taxi

When Transport for London decreed that older cabs should be banned from the streets of London they couldn’t have guessed that with a little imagination the number of different uses these old workhorses would be put. When I started this occasional series about ‘retired’ cabs the assumption was that it would be just that – occasional. With some clever thinking outside the black cab box there appears no end to the ingenious way these classic vehicle may be adopted.

[C]alled a ‘taxi booth’ the Tipple Taxi is the perfect venue for the party season, selling cocktails from a taxi that uniquely has an alcohol license.


This class Fairway has appeared at the Eden Festival, the Boomtown Fair and Glastonbury. It might be a bar but it still has the appearance of a cab with a custom built bar extension. In addition it can be adapted as a media booth for conducting interviews, a private – admittedly small – cinema vehicle and in conjunction with Fairlight Productions a studio for a photo shoot.

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