London through the years

Nineteen-sixty-five was a significant year for London, we said goodbye to iconic leader Sir Winston Churchill who passed away aged 90. The midst of the swinging 60’s were happening with top fashion boutiques, record shops and trendy hairdressers popping up all over the capital. The Beatles were in their hay day, Ken Dodd was topping the UK music charts, and the hit film The Sound of Music was released at the cinema.

[F]ast forward 50 years to 2015, and the population living in London has reached 8.6 million the highest it has been in over 76 years. The buildings have got considerably taller and we now pay over 113 times more to use the tube. Our Queen, Elizabeth II, has become the longest reigning British monarch and a great grandmother to five.

How much has London really changed in the past 50 years? Quite a lot according to Central London Apartments who have compared London in 1965 with how it is today and you’ll be surprised by the findings. We all know the capital looks considerably different and prices have risen remorselessly but compared these facts:

  • Heathrow airport now has 15 times as many passengers
  • The cost of a pint of beer has gone up by 4,900 per cent
  • A loaf of bread has gone up by 2,600 per cent – if it goes up the same rate in the next 50 years we could be paying £35 for a loaf in 2065
  • The highest paid footballer in London in 2015 Cesc Fabregas earns 177,900 per cent more than Johnny Hayes of Fulham did in 1965
  • In 1965 men were paid on average 90 per cent more than women, compared to 20 per cent more today
  • Britain was using pre decimal coins until 1971. In 1965 Farthings, pennies, shillings and crowns were used instead of the current pence and decimal pounds. (1 shilling is equivalent to around 5 pence)
  • The BT Tower opened in 1965 and was the tallest building in London. This is now The Shard which is over 100 meters taller
  • Now known more for his stand-up comedy and ‘tickling stick’ – in 1965 Ken Dodd had the best-selling song of the year in the UK
  • Mary Quant introduces the miniskirt from her shop Bazaar on the Kings Road in Chelsea
  • 7 January – Identical twin brothers Ronnie and Reggie Kray, 31, are arrested on suspicion of running a protection racket in London
  • 10 March – Goldie, a London Zoo golden eagle, is recaptured after 13 days of freedom
  • 19 March – A record price of 760,000 guineas is paid at Christie’s for Rembrandt’s Titus
  • 1 April The Greater London Council comes into its powers, replacing the London County Council and greatly expanding the metropolitan area of the city
  • 19 May – West Ham United F.C. become the second British club to win a European trophy, defeating West German 1860 Munich 2-0 at Wembley Stadium
  • 17 June – London premiere the Duke of York’s Theatre, one of the first mainstream British plays with lesbian characters. Beryl Reid plays the title role
  • 22 June – The 700th anniversary of Parliament is celebrated
  • 8 July – Great Train Robber Ronald Biggs escapes from Wandsworth Prison
  • 24 July – Freddie Mills, former British boxing champion, is found shot in his car in Soho
  • 29 July – The Beatles film Help! debuts in London
  • 21 August – Charlton Athletic F.C. player Keith Peacock becomes the first substitute to appear in a Football League match
  • 1 October – Hackney based company Corgi Toys introduce James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 from the film Goldfinger the all-time best selling model car at six million units and winning the first ‘toy of the year award’
  • 8 October – The Post Office Tower opens in London


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