Campin’ Cabs

There’s an apocryphal story of an old cabbie that would sleep in Heathrow Airport’s feeder rank sitting in the back of his cab hunched over a primus stove cooking his full English.

A Carriage Officer who had the duty to make sure all drivers obeyed the regulations, would turn a blind eye to somebody having forty winks but a fry-up was just a dangerous step too far.

[T]his is another in the occasional series of ‘lost cabs’. When we look at the myriad of uses the iconic London cab can be put to once the powers-that-be have decided the old girl has to be retired.

Campin’ Cabs have taken the Heathrow cabbie’s idea of an overnight stay to a whole new level. ‘Jaffa’ the orange Fairway taxi [above] has been converted into warm and cosy two berth camper which will legally seat six passengers driving to your campsite. Once there the seats all fold down to create a double bed over 6ft long which can take two sleeping adults in comfort. If there are more of you the Fairway comes with an awning and four
person tent.


The luxurious ‘Ambassador’ features full leather interior and other luxuries including a DVD player and air-ride suspension. Both cabs have a small cooker and sink fitted into the front, heaters in the rear, they can play CDs, have a radio and come complete with an iPod adapter for all your musical needs.

What do you have to say for yourself?

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