A look at life

Once in a while a nugget comes along which encapsulates the raison d’être of CabbieBlog. This 1960s gem gives an insight of a lost London: few cars; drab dirty buildings; and a commentary spoken in received English. It features one of the last Hansom cabs and a cabbie who made the switch from horsepower to motorised transport. It has Knowledge boys on push bikes, and if you are observant enough you might notice that the cyclists then, as today, ignore the Highway Code.

[A]n excellent Look at Life video clip from The Rank Organisation dated March 1960 looking at the London Taxi cab and learning The Knowledge. I think the featured image is of an 1950 Austin FX3 driving west down Mile End Road.


2 thoughts on “A look at life”

  1. Lovely old film.
    Not a cab story, but you might enjoy the account I wrote of my first ever driving lesson, in a 1933 Rolls, when I was about 15 in the 1950s. It is on my daughter’s blog and you should find it if you google Melliemadrid – which should show up as Mellie Madrid living the Vida Loca in Madrid and Hove. It is the story with the title ‘Sixty Years and Ten Thousand Miles…..’ Yes, I met the car again this year, not having seen it since. I didn’t even know it still existed! It was an amazing experience! I hope you will read it and enjoy it.


    1. What a great motoring story and it just shows that readers of CabbieBlog are of a class that learn to drive on a Rolls Royce – and then go half way across the world to be reunited with their first car.


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