The BBQ Cab Company

Here is more proof that old cabs never due, they just become food retail outlets.

This occasional series features innovative uses for London cabs once Boris has deemed them ‘unfit for purpose’. Today features Andrew Brown, proprietor of the BBQ Cab Company, who commissioned my local garage to convert a 1998 taxi with 370,000 miles on the clock into a mobile Barbie.

[P]ainted in flame red it boasts of two 100kb ceramic cookers. One of the biggest bug-bears of this version of the London taxi is that the heater is almost impossible to turn off. In summer this makes for a very cosy experience.

Heat in a cab should be no deterrent to Andrew who was once a restaurateur in Darlington and has been a cook for over 20 years. Now he plans to take his distinctive vehicle around the north-east and further afield to food fairs, festivals and shows.

Thanks to Andrew for letting me use the image of the converted cab. He can be contacted via Twitter @BBQCabCo

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