The Ice Cream Cab

It never fails to amaze me the uses that the London cab can be put once it stops ferrying passengers around. He is another in the occasional series of novel uses for cabs.

Tom, a cabbie himself, felt that the traditional ice cream van with the tinkling bell was so passé. So he has now a vanilla colour (what else?) cab and his Ice Cream Cab is available for events and occasions.

[T]om in his own words had an idea for his cab that would soon be coming off the road:

It was late one summer’s evening after a long, hard day’s work and I suddenly had a craving for a real traditional ice cream. It was then that the idea dawned on me! Could it be possible? That I could transform my loving London Cab into a ‘one of a kind’ ice cream van?

After much research and I suspect some considerable expense ’Freddie’ his trusty cab of 16 years has been transformed.

Using Styles Ice Cream Tom offers 20 flavours made from Jersey cows’ milk and unusually 4 flavours from sheeps’ milk for those with dietary needs or are just trying to reduce their calorie intake.


Freddie can be taken anywhere for any occasion and if he has to stay overnight doesn’t make a sound as he keeps his delicious desserts cool.

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