In Blog We Trust

For regular readers (the few out there who might be left), they will have noticed a change in direction for CabbieBlog during this week. As is the custom here two bespoke posts for your edification – or not as the case may be – were published. Sprinkled amongst them have been a large number of guest posts suggesting hotels one might like to consider when travelling around the capital and wider afield.

[A]s outlined in half-a-million hits and counting this blog has limped along for over 6 years with most of its inherent costs borne by the author. A small income stream has failed to cover the costs of hosting, domain name booking, web design, security – protecting both of us from ne’er-do-wells and research.

Unlike many sites no advertising appears on the home page. The ’What I’m Reading’ on the sidebar is genuinely what it says and not a posh product placement.

So where do we go from here? Hopefully even with London’s cab trade on a downward spiral – more on 10th July post if you’re interested – CabbieBlog is set fair for a few more years.

Forlorn dog

I am still open for receiving Guest Posts, many published gratis; featuring the monthly Little Gem of a London building; inviting participants for the London Grill; and writing about novel uses for redundant cabs.

Hopefully most of you, unlike Andrew who posted a comment about unsubscribing to the blog, will not alight from the cab and stay with me for the ride on this the highest ranking general interest website written by a London cabbie.

Thanks must also go to Al from Camden Pubs for his email taking me to task for this week’s remorseless output.

Tomorrow the man who was both witness for the prosecution and state executioner.

Photo: Pen and Paper Phil Gyford (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

2 thoughts on “In Blog We Trust”

  1. Hi David: Thank you for taking the time to respond. We totally understand the need to bring in a bit of revenue to cover the cost of publishing your blog. We’ve re-subscribed and are looking forward to reading more of your excellent articles and dreaming about our next trip over the pond.

    All the best to you,
    Rick and Spider


    1. Great to have you both back and here’s to 6 more years of London miscellany.
      Thanks again for re-subscribing


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