Enjoy All That York Has to Offer

If you are looking for locations in Great Britain to consider for your next holiday or leisure trip, you may want to consider the city of York as a place to go. If you have never visited York before it is one of the cities of Great Britain with a good deal of historical significance and there are a number of historical sites and cultural events throughout the city that you might find of interest. The city also features wonderful areas for sporting events, shopping, dining, music and much more. Many people find they visit the city and need to come back to see areas that they never got to before. If you are looking for the chance to see all that York has to offer you may want to look at some of the quality budget hotels in York so you can find a great place to stay for your visit.

So Much to See and Do
York has a great deal of history, dating back many centuries, and can provide you with countless historical sites to visit to keep you busy. Getting to see places such as York University, the York Dungeons, the National Railway Museum and other areas of historical significance can be enlightening, informative and wonderful. You will also find a great deal going on near York Minster and York City Centre, where a great many cultural events occur, along with some of the best shopping and dining in the city. Having easy access to the City Centre can help you during your trip since the public transportation is centered in this area, letting you get around using the bus or train. When you are looking at York hotels that can put you right in this region and give you a great place to stay you will want to consider the Holiday Inn Express York.

A Hotel with Much to Offer
The hotel is located just a couple of miles away from the City Centre so that you can get to it very easily so you can take advantage of everything going on in the City Centre. The hotels itself is nearby to many great tourist locations in York so you can have easy access to wherever you want to go. The rooms have all been recently renovated to provide you with all of the modern amenities you want in a comfortable stay, such as Wi-Fi access, LCD televisions, in-room coffee and tea facilities, comfortable bedding and more. You will also get a free continental breakfast with your stay or take advantage of the lounge bar and relax with a drink after your day.

All of the wonderful amenities come along with a friendly and helpful hotel staff to help you with anything you may need. When you are planning a trip to York and want to stay at a good hotel that is not going to break your budget you will want to look at the Holiday Inn Express York. You will find that they have highly competitive rates to go along with the ideal location that you are looking for.


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