The Black Cab Coffee Company

The days are past of seeing quaint old cabs on London’s streets since Transport for London imposed their 15-year limit on the working life for these iconic vehicles.

Their use in public transport might have expired but some enterprising individuals know their value and have given a new lease of life and purpose to these old workhorses.

In this occasional series we feature some of the most innovative conversions of the Cab.

[I] went to Penshurst in Kent recently and met Graham Buck who has converted an old FX4 into a mobile coffee outlet. He didn’t have much time for me as punters queued to sample his barista expertise while the more traditional vans selling coffee were crying out for customers.

The company maintains a fleet of Black Cabs and boasts among its customers the BBC and Hackett. In additional to making hot beverages they are licensed to make cocktails and can provide marquees, DJ’s and lighting solutions all the while maintaining a cool focal point – the London Cab.

Black cab coffee-2

The conversion is quite elaborate. The boot lid and rear screen has been removed and a sturdy shelf has replaced the boot. Upon that a espresso coffee machine has been installed. The rear has now a hatchback type door giving access to the coffee machine while at the same time giving protection from the elements to the barista.

Soon Graham hopes to replace the head lining with brown leather which will smarten the cab up although it occurred to me sitting inside could feel like you were driving a coffee bean.

Black Cab Coffee Co claims to be the first mobile coffee and portable cocktail bar working in London and around the UK from an iconic London Black Cab. They can be contacted here.

4 thoughts on “The Black Cab Coffee Company”

  1. I like the coffee idea. Especially the name, The Black Cab Coffee Co. I only hope the coffee is as good as the theme. It will be interesting to see more ways people are utilizing the cabs.


    1. Yes the coffee was pretty good, unfortunately it was so popular the proprietor had very little time to talk.
      Yes I intend to post an occasional series on ‘retired’ cabs. Next is a cab I saw last year in Dorset:
      Cabby Sweep driven by, and I kid you not, Shaun the Sweep


    2. Hi there,

      Sorry if we didn’t have much time to chat. We have a coffee shop now at Riverlight 1 , nine elms lane sw8 5au.
      If I’m not there mention Emmy and say I want to offer you a free taxi driver coffee 🙂


    3. When I first encountered it was at Penshurst Craft Fair and you were doing a roaring business. Not surprising the coffee was very good.


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