Avoiding Boris Bangers

Today we have a Guest Post from Dean Ronnie on alternative ideas instead of London’s Official New Year’s Eve Firework Display and what to do if you haven’t got a ticket.

With last Tuesday’s announcement that all of the tickets for London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display have sold out, you may be one of the thousands of disappointed people that are now thinking what can I do now?

[F]or 2014, the Mayor of London has changed the way in which London’s NYE fireworks are organised. Unlike previous years, where the fireworks were free to attend and people could just turn up and queue to be given access to the Southbank and Embankment, this year the event is ticketed. However now with all of the 100,000 £10 tickets having been snapped up, perhaps you have been left wondering what else you can do. There’s no need to spend £212, which is the price the tickets have been reported to being sold for. Fortunately, NYE in London isn’t just about the Mayor of London’s firework display; here we present to you our alternative New Year celebration ideas.

New Year’s Eve Dinner and Live Band at Shakespeare’s Globe
Instead of standing around outside, why not see the New Year in with in an elegant New Year’s Eve dinner in the Underglobe dining room located underneath Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre? With this option you will have a three course meal, accompanied by half a bottle of wine whilst listening to a live band. And don’t worry, as with this option you will still get to see the fireworks. Once dinner is not waisover, you will then be able to step outside and see the fireworks

With table tennis?
If you’re looking for something really different, why not take part in some table tennis? Holborn’s table-tennis social club, Bounce, will be hosting the “Big Bounce Tournament” on New Year’s Eve, where guests will be able to enjoy table tennis, canapés, pizzas and also cocktails.

Watch the fireworks from London’s high points
If you can’t bear to miss the fireworks, you don’t have to. Simply head to the hills and enjoy the celebrations from a high view. Parliament Hill and Primrose Hill are good place to go, alternatively if you money is not an issue, why not head to London’s Sky Bar. While tickets start at £225, from the Sky Bar you will be able to enjoy 360 degree views with a welcome cocktail on arrival, champagne at midnight, a DJ, acts and performers, showings of classic James Bond movies and a luxury breakfast at 5am.

Bacanal NYE Masquerade @ Il Bottaccio
If extravagant parties are your thing, Bacanal NYE Masquerade @ Il Bottaccio will suit you right down to the ground. A raucous Wolf of Wall Street themed party, the event will comprise of food, entertainment and atmosphere in champagne brunch setting which is also complete with live performers, music and plenty of fun.

With your own New Year’s Eve Firework celebration
If you can’t join them, beat them! Don’t worry about not being able to get tickets to the main London fireworks, host your own firework display. The many types of firework display packs that are available make it easy for you to put together an incredible display. Whilst it might not be on the same scale as the main event, at least you will be able to choose the fireworks you fire and it will probably last longer too!

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