1000 Londoners

1000 Londoners claims to be the most
in­depth and expansive documentary series ever produced about the city and the people who live here.

Produced by South London based, film production company and social enterprise, Chocolate Films and part funded by City Bridge Trust, it launched at Bafta’s 195 Piccadilly venue on 23rd April 2014,
its first films are now available.

[E]ach week viewers will be able to watch a 3-­minute film about a new Londoner. The range of stories will be as diverse as the city itself.

Documentaries that can currently be viewed include Londoners such as Griff, a former soldier who now sells replica guns; Marawa, the United Kingdom’s best hula­hooper; and Frank, a 14-year-old boy who is overcoming ADHD with sleight ­of ­hand magic.

The filmmakers will be both producing the films and providing opportunities to young people and community groups to make their own short documentaries, which will contribute to the 1,000 films.

1000 Londoners Brixton based film production company, Chocolate Films, specialises in documentary film production and learning programmes. Set up 11 years ago, by directors Mark Currie and Rachel Wang, it has a team on 10 filmmakers providing full production services to charities, museums, galleries and heritage organisations, as well as cinema documentaries.

Engaging with over 2,500 young people a year their learning and outreach programmes use digital media in innovative ways, inspiring young people to voice their opinions and reach their full potential.

Telling human stories and endeavouring to make films that can actively assist people to change the world for the better, either through direct campaigning or awareness­ raising.

One recent film is Paul, the London cabbie who has had in his cab: Roger Moore, Michael Caine (’not a lot of people know that’), and Mrs. Right.

Typically of 1000 Londoners Paul talks of his City:

“I love London through that little bit of haze. When you’re bringing tourists in from the airport, you see their whole world light up . . . but that’s it, you never lose your memories of London”.

All of Chocolate Films workshops are structured appropriately to create a supportive working environment to enable the young people to reach their full potential.

Directed by Reece Lipman for Chocolate Films, Paul’s story is told from the back seat of a traditional London cab as it drives through the streets of central London telling stories about the people who’ve been in the back of Paul’s cab.

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