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Question-Mark-400x500Today launches a new project for CabbieBlog. It occurred to me that I’m always being asked by my passengers questions about London. Often I don’t have the answers but I’d like to bet that thousands of Londoners do know the answer.

Now in its fledgling state I have no idea of the popularity of the London Forum; will it be inundated with requests about being a cabbie in London or requests for trivial facts about our city; or will the idea be just another ego trip that remains forever lost in cyberspace. Only time will tell. If, and it’s a big if, this works you follow the query link on the right sidebar which will take you to a request form.

[L]og in, fill out your query and wait. Or alternatively you may attempt to answer a question posted by someone else. All contributions will be moderated so hopefully the new feature will have a certain degree of authenticity, not to say become a source of information.

Want to know Boris Johnson’s official roles as Mayor or the amount of rubbish collected in our streets; the best seats in a theatre or if you have to pay the congestion charge ask away, somebody out there knows the answer.

Conversely if you have some idea as to the correct answer to someone’s question, help them out.

Give it a go, but for the more enthusiastic (or foolhardy) if you feel the urge to write a post CabbieBlog is always open for submissions – it helps me from having to come up with two new posts every week. Anyway click this link for more information.

5 thoughts on “London Forum”

    1. Thanks, unfortunately nobody seemed interested in the forum when I started it. Anyhow good to get you on board


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