In the slow lane

The meticulous planning by LOCOG to allow the Olympic family unimpeded travel around London could be put in jeopardy by rickshaws.

Cabbies must feel a sense of schadenfreude as their two biggest gripes – rickshaws and zil lanes – have conjoined with inevitable predictability.

The Olympic lanes and cabbies right to use them have been a matter of contention since they were announced so many years ago. Enter them at your peril, even crossing them you risk a demand for £200 landing on your doormat within days.

[P]edicabs plying for hire as the only unregulated and unidentifiable vehicle carrying the public in London have had cabbies complaining for over a decade.

But even with the backing of both past and present London Mayors, the London Taxi Drivers Association and Westminster Council to have rickshaws curtailed, or at least regulated, Parliament has not found time to debate the issue.

As MPs discovered to their horror that Sunday trading laws prevented the sale of goods within the Olympic site beyond a six hour period, now like a slow moving train crash the spectre of unidentifiable rickshaws using the Olympic Lane Network has become a reality nobody envisaged.

Now John McDonnell Member of Parliament for Hayes and Harlington has tabled the Motion:

“This House notes with concern the danger posed by pedicabs to the general public and visitors to London during the Olympic and Paralympic Games . . . Banning the operation of pedicabs during the Olympics is necessary to reduce congestion and in particular its impact on the emergency services.”

Will MPs find the time in their hectic schedule to settle the pedicab question once and for all? If they don’t resolve this issue the Olympic Family might think they are back in Beijing.

2 thoughts on “In the slow lane”

  1. I thought that there had never been an accident or a fatality involving a rickshaw in London. Hmm also isn’t the real danger that of pollution by London cabbies, or the fact that these fat bald pricks are likely to suffer a heart attack while zooming down the main streets? Rickshaws exist in all major cities. Get over it, what else will you have to complain about when you are masturbating over your greasy bacon sandwich?


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