Caveat Scriptor


pen-and-paper It is humbling and to be frank a little frightening to acknowledge today that CabbieBlog, the web log that seeks to celebrate and criticise London in equal measure, has passed a quarter of a million hits, in fact a ‘click’ for every word in the English language.

The Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use, and 47,156 obsolete words, to this may be added around 9,500 derivative words included as subentries. Over half of these words are nouns, about a quarter adjectives, and about a seventh verbs, added together this suggests that there are, at the very least, a quarter of a million distinct English words.

[T]he title of this post translates to Let the Writer Beware for when writing in the world’s first language it’s all too easy to commit to electronic ink the equivalent of a written faux pas and by allowing comments my shortcomings are all too visible.

So apart from reasonably legible English, what is the reason CabbieBlog’s hit rate has reached this milestone? First is the high tech equipment used to write its posts, as illustrated here, but its principle reason is your curiosity, comment and contact via e-mails and contribution to its comment section.

For this I thank you one and all, and also my profound thanks to those among you who have allowed me to plagiarise their work. And for what’s it worth, an anagram for this post is vicar spectator, silly I know.

In just 18 months your humble scribe has been amazed by the number of hits this site has received from you all out there in Cyber Space. Total hits to date wordpress com stats

This list is by way of a thank you to everybody who has commented on my posts, in praise or otherwise, and those linking their site to CabbieBlog. Just think of it as a spot of mutual back scratching.

The Cabbies Capital; Silver Tiger for his many comments; The Londonist; Crafty People; I Am London; Cabbie Blog; Diamond Geezer; Evening Standard; Channel 4; Europe a la carte; House Price Crash; London Leben; Warm Tea and Sympathy; London Bobby; The Robinsons Music; Jazamatazz; Shenelles Blog; Mellor; Rachel-Catherine; Patrick Hamilton; Dave; Lucey Rigatti; Glen; John; Melissa Buron; Bugbugs; Sam Lombard; Homeland Tour; George; Jock McKay; David Backhouse; Kent today and yesterday; Electric Gate; Jason Standing; Greg Watts; Ophelia Bottom; Michelle Y; Alistair Gleave; The Accidental Londoner; Nathan; Bob Smith; the london cabbie;  I’m going outside now; and a special thank you to Kieran Meeke for allowing me to copy more than I should from his excellent site Secret London.

If I have omitted any of you out there and you want including please post your site address on the comment button above. Or maybe you’d like to click on a few of these links to see what you’re missing.

3 thoughts on “Caveat Scriptor”

  1. Congratulations on your quarter million and good luck for the next quarter million (that’ll make half a million, you know!).

    London is an amazing city and it’s always a joy to read the writings of knowledgeable folk who love it as I do.


    1. I have been away from “the smoke” for a couple of weeks, back now with more interesting things to find out, and write about them.
      Thanks for the congratulations


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