Rear View Mirror

I bet you, like me thought the sole purpose of the iconic London Black Cab was to transport its driver and his passengers with a measure of comfort from point A to point B.

Well, how wrong can we be? I’ve had Batman and Robin getting changed in the back in preparation to go to a ‘Fools and Horses’ fancy dress party, and girls constantly risk serious eye damage by applying mascara while in the back of my moving vehicle.

[I]n an idle moment you might have Googled on the internet an ‘adult art movie’ filmed in the back of a cab, while The Mail on Sunday in their You supplement regularly purports to interview stars in a weekly feature entitled: In a taxi with . . .

London cabs are a great choice for city tours (well I should know) and what better place to use a London cab than Christchurch, not that rather genteel town on the south coast, but on the other side of the world, New Zealand.

Another company utilising our vehicles are Justsofilms who over the past two years have filmed dozens of musicians, performing in the back of a London licensed cab. Brian Wilson, Ryan Adams and the Doves are among the clips to be found on their site blackcabsessions. If you dig deep enough you can find a duo entitled The Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs playing while one wears a glittering cardboard box on his head, being driven by a very embarrassed cabbie around London.

White cabs make rather good wedding cars, just a few months ago at my daughter’s wedding a rather splendid cab took us to the church.

As a footnote Will Self has written a novel entitled The Book of Dave about a London cabbie, click the link to watch him using the back of a cab to promote his book.

2 thoughts on “Rear View Mirror”

  1. Where to!
    I’ve just about finished reading that book by Will Self….funny and well written with a lot of Taxi vocabulary used for the most unusual of things.
    Good blog as always


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