Bring back FOXhunting

Now here is a very gratifying site, a Foxton’s car bites the dust.

You see for all of you out-of-towners F***ing Foxtons have all but taken over this City.

First almost every house in upmarket areas now has one of their sale/let boards pinned, like a badge of achievement, to their outside wall. Now as the market collapses these boards are springing up like mushrooms.

[F]oxton’s shops (I refuse to call them offices, after all they’re only selling things) resemble the foyer of an rather tacky trendy hotel, with massive plasma screens showing continuous news channels, a bar serving coffee/mineral water (Perrier naturally) and an army of inattentive personnel all under 20 years of age.

What has all this to do with your humble CabbieBlog I hear you ask?

Well, I would refer you back to the aforementioned picture. These pimply youths drive round town in these minis which are covered with dopey insignia including what shop they come from, and it would seems that the sole purpose of these vehicles is to drive erratically and annoy everyone else on the road, drawing attention to their company as they do so. I have yet to see a prospective customer sitting in the passenger seat.

Some would argue that along with the banks and building societies these ruthless people have helped to push up house prices remorsefully by telling owners to ask inflated prices for their properties. Now we are all paying the price for increasing estate agents yearly bonus.

So disliked are these people there is even a web site to vent your spleen about this company.

Now Foxton’s have come up with a great brainwave. At night a bank of screens shows in great detail videos of the interiors of properties on their books, including any valuables, with useful floor plans and the location of the property. I can visualise now burglars perusing these images, deciding which property they fancy entering.

While on the subject of property, have you seen the monstrosities being built along the Thames?

To site a few examples:


St. George’s Wharf, south side of Vauxhall Bridge (looks like something designed by an Eastern European dictator).

montevetro1Montevetro, bland wall of glass towering over the exquisite Georgian church of St. Mary’s.


City Hall, not even aligned with the river and looks like a wobbly blancmange.

. . .

But I have saved the ‘best’ until last.


Tower Bridge House, this monstrosity on the north side of Tower Bridge is facing a World Heritage Site. If ever there was a reason to bring back public executions on Tower Hill this is it, starting with the architect.


Tower Place, if you want to see how to construct an unobtrusive modern building adjacent to the Tower of London look no further than the Sterling nominated Tower Place built just west from the Tower.

One thought on “Bring back FOXhunting”

  1. The Montevetro is a work of art designed by one of the most celebrated architects in the world. You clearly know nothing about modern architecture.


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