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Safety First

Safety and Security Tips for Taxicab Drivers
Many people don’t know that cab driving can be a fairly dangerous profession, especially when the proper steps aren’t taken to prevent unnecessary mishaps and crimes from occurring.

When you’re out in the field picking up clients and traveling to and from, it’s important to be aware that things can go bad quickly and not everyone is a trustworthy individual.

[W]ith that said, here are five things you can do to stay safer as a cab driver whether you work in London or New York City:

Have a Designated Locksmith
Getting locked out of your vehicle inadvertently could put you in the hazardous position of being stranded in a bad neighbourhood at night. Criminals know that cab drivers often carry cash so this could make you a target. At the very least, even if no crime befalls you, the longer you’re locked out of the car the less passengers you’ll be able to pick up before the shift is over. Many drivers in the UK rely on metrolocks.co.uk for emergency locksmith services.

Look for Signs of Suspicious Activity
When you’re pulling up to a destination, be mindful of your surroundings and look for signs that the passenger or onlookers might be up to no good. Trust your instinct and remember you’re not required to give anyone a ride, so if you don’t trust the person, you don’t have to let them in the vehicle.

Keep Your Smartphone Charged and Loaded with an Emergency App
As a cab driver, you need to be able to summon the authorities and call for help on the spur of the moment if anything goes wrong, so it would help to have several backup phone chargers for the car to ensure your device is always powered on and ready to respond. It’s also a good idea to use an emergency calling or texting app that will help you secretly send out a message of distress with a few taps.

Lock Doors and Windows When Stopped in Traffic
As a general rule of thumb, cabbies should always keep the doors and windows locked when stuck in a traffic jam or stopped at an intersection. Leaving the doors and windows unlocked or open could leave you vulnerable to a carjacking or run-up robbery where the thief forces you to step out of the cab or hand money through the window.

Avoid Remote Routes, Alleyways, and Abandoned Buildings
Finally, stay away from vacant and secluded destinations because these are the places criminals will try to lure their unsuspecting victims to. Obviously, anyone planning a crime would probably want to do it somewhere they’re not going to be seen by witnesses.

Mitigating the Risks of Being a Cab Driver
In conclusion, it’s imperative that safety and security be taken seriously by all cabbies. Statistically it ranks as one of the top 20 most dangerous professions due to the risk of being robbed or assaulted while on the job. Fortunately, with the above tips in mind you can minimise that risk simply by staying aware.


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