It felt like I had woken up in 1963

I was happily beavering away at the wordface, trying to bang out a post about Uber when I noticed that a red phonebox had been featured on my newsfeed from the dependable ianVisits.

On a corner to the exit of St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, this phonebox isn’t decorated with adverts for dubious ‘services’, nor has it been used as a urinal.

Oh, No! The Building Centre has restored it to its 1930s heyday with replicas of a 1930s phone, it has the original ‘Press Button A’ or to retrieve your 4d by very firmly pressing button B, resplendent with phone books and wartime posters, completes this nod to yesteryear.

Located on the very busy Euston Road continually grid-locked with London’s traffic, with people rushing past, why of all the unloved red phoneboxes in the capital was this one singled out?

The clue is its location. The K6 telephone box is part of BT’s Adopt A Kiosk scheme. The intention here of returning the telephone box to the way it would have been when it was designed for King George V’s Silver Jubilee in 1935, and going into production in 1936.

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the first President of the Building Centre from 1940 to 1960, designed the familiar phone box and this phone box sits outside the former Midland Hotel, designed by Giles Gilbert Scott’s grandfather, George Gilbert Scott.

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