London Trivia: Where is Lucan?

On 7 November 1974 nanny Sandra Rivett was murdered in Lower Belgrave Street and her boss, Lord Lucan vanished. In his absence, the inquest into Rivett’s death named him as her murderer, the last occasion in Britain a coroner’s court did so.

On 7 November 1665 the London Gazette was first published as the Oxford Gazette, renamed on 5 February 1666 when Charles II returned

Reggie Kray and Frances Shea’s photographer at their wedding at St James the Great, Bethnal Green Road in April 1965 was David Bailey

Dr Samuel Johnson once owned 17 properties in London, only one of which survives – Dr Johnson’s Memorial House in Gough Square

18th century Hampstead was a spa resort where people came to take the waters which reputedly had health giving properties

The House of Commons’ press gallery bar is named Moncrieff’s in honour of respected political journalist, Chris Moncrieff – a teetotaller

Actor, dancer, comedian and clown Joseph Grimaldi lived at 56 Exmouth Market, Islington from 1818 to 1828, there is now a park off Pentonville Road named after him

Coram’s Fields park and playground in Bloomsbury is unique in that adults are only allowed to enter if accompanied by a child

The sport of golf, which originated in Scotland, was first played in England on Blackheath in 1608. The Royal Blackheath Golf Club was one of the first golf associations established (1766) outside Scotland

London’s heavily congested streets mean that a taxi’s average speed of 17mph is slower than that attained by Hansom cabs over 100 years ago

The ‘porter’ style of beer was officially invented at the Bell Brewhouse in Shoreditch by Ralph Hardwood in 1722

Marc Isambard Brunel came up with his idea on how to dig the Thames’ Tunnel whilst in debtors’ prison watching a shipworm bore through wood

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5 thoughts on “London Trivia: Where is Lucan?”

  1. Joseph Grimaldi Park, Islington, contains the old burial ground of St James’s Church where Joseph was buried. The burial ground has been landscaped and most of the gravestones moved to the side but Joseph’s grave remains visible.

    The grave is stilll visited by people wishing to honour Joseph Grimaldi’s name as witness the flowers and other items left on it.


  2. Three I didn’t know. I knew about the golf club because one of my best friends was a member at the Court Road, SE9 site. (He lived nearby, in Sidcup Road, but sadly died of C-19 in 2020).
    Cheers, Pete.


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