London Trivia: Notting Hill riot

On 30 August 1976, the Notting Hill Carnival ended in a riot, with more than 100 police officers taken to the hospital and 60 carnival-goers needing hospital treatment after the clashes which led to the arrest of at least 66 people. The trouble started after police tried to arrest a pickpocket near Portobello Road on the main carnival route. The police were attacked with stones and other missiles, however only two were convicted.

On 30 August 1572 Elizabeth I issued a decree: ‘no foteball player be used or suffered within the City of London and the liberties thereof on pain of imprisonment’

Transport for London Byelaw 10(2): No person shall enter through any train door until any person leaving by that door has passed through it!

Once Britain’s largest enclosed space, if measured, the air within the Albert Hall would weigh in at over 30 tons

John St. John Long appeared at the Old Bailey on a charge of manslaughter, his victim dosing on his medicated vapours, he paid the £13,000 fine from his vast wealth accululated from selling quack remedies

The Dorchester was seen as safe during the Blitz it is built using 2,000 miles of steel rods, a host of political and military luminaries chose it as their London residence

St. George Church, Mayfair designed by John James, one of Sir Christopher Wren’s assistants, when completed in 1725 was the first church in London to be built with a portico

There are three tube stations on the Monopoly board: Liverpool Street Station, King’s Cross and Marylebone

On 30 August 1930 the first Dutchman to play in the English Football league Gerrit Keizer made his goalkeeping debut for Arsenal

Underground’s longest tunnel is from East Finchley to Morden totalling 17.3 miles but only 45 per cent of the network is actually in tunnels

The Daily Courant was London’s original newspaper first published in 1792 near Ludgate Circus, consisting of a single page, with advertisements on the reverse side

The Constable of The Tower of London can extract a barrel of rum from any naval vessel plying the Thames

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