From Coach House to Mayfair Mansion

Designed initially as a coach house for the Capel Family, the Earls of Essex, this 8,051 square foot property in the heart of Mayfair, just a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, has been transformed, under the guidance of London developer K10 Group, into a mansion-townhouse that effectively combines period features with twenty-first century luxury. Set in a highly-desirable and upmarket West London postcode, the exterior of this property is in keeping with the architecture for which Mayfair is renowned. Inside, it showcases the best of contemporary design.

In 1814, the property was purchased by wealthy industrialist Sir Thomas Stepney, before being converted into a brick house a century later, in 1929. The newly refurbished brickwork façade honours the original Edwardian style, as demonstrated through the composition of large windows and gable pediment. Reclaimed bricks were acquired to ensure consistency with architect Ernst G. Cole’s original bijou-brick design. The exterior restoration is smart and fitting of modern Mayfair, without compromising the history and character of the property.

Following the Second World War, the property became known as ‘Culross Cottage’ and, after a chain of owners, fell into disrepair. In restoring the period property, the team at Argent Design were keen to respect its historical significance while ensuring it showcased the best of contemporary design and luxury. This vision for the property has come to fruition successfully, with Peter Wetherell, the chief executive of the real-estate agency Wetherell, who is handling the sale, describing the property as ‘low-profile from the outside,’ but with ‘everything everyone wants now’ once inside.

The interiors of the fifteen-room house were inspired by a combination of international five-star hotel suites and VIP venues, a look which was achieved using entirely bespoke furniture. The property makes no sacrifices when it comes to ensuring high spec luxury and boasts a state of the art pool, gym and sauna, in addition to a walk-in humidor and wine cellar. As well as family rooms, lounge and snug areas, the property had two master bedrooms and three additional bedrooms.

Arguably, the most striking aspect of the house is its glass elevator and staircase, complete with bespoke balustrade, shadow gaps and inset wall lighting for enhanced aesthetic appeal, in addition to serving a practical purpose. Positioned at the heart of the property, this feature is not only visually impressive but through clever design and ingenuity, ensures that the entire property is filled with abundant natural light which cascades from the skylight above.

The contemporary smart kitchen, designed by Smallbone of Devizes, features advanced technology intended to ease day to day life. A stand out feature is the ability of built-in tech to scan the cupboard content and automatically order food stocks when they are running low.

Property in Mayfair continues to be highly desirable, with good reason. If you are interested in attaining a property within this popular postcode, you can expect to pay somewhere between £1.5M and £5.25M for a 2 or 3 bedroom property, with £ per square foot ranging from £2,200 p.s.f. to £4,400 p.s.f. Cullross House is entering the market at £35,000,000.

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