The London Grill: Kimberley Chambers

We challenge our contributor to reply to ten devilishly probing questions about their London and we don’t take “Sorry Gov” for an answer. Everyone sitting in the hot seat will face the same questions that range from their favourite way to spend a day out in the capital to their most hated building on London’s skyline to find out just what Londoners really think about their city. The questions might be the same but the answers vary wildly.

Kimberley-Chambers[S]unday Times #1 bestselling author Kimberley Chambers lives in Hornchurch and has been, at various times, a disc jockey, a cab driver and a street trader. She is now a full-time writer. Join Kimberley’s legion of legendary fans on and @kimbochambers on Twitter

What’s your secret London tip?
Always haggle. You can find yourself a great bargain in London’s markets – and even negotiate on price in some shops.

What’s your secret London place?
It’s not exactly secret but, given it’s the only surviving track, I’d recommend a night at the dogs in Romford.

What’s your biggest gripe about London?
I’m a terrible commuter, and I always seem to get stuck on the Tube at rush hour. I should probably get more black cabs!


What’s your favourite building?
It would have been White Hart Lane, had it not just been knocked down

What’s your most hated building?
Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s the Emirates!

What’s the best view in London?
I love sitting and having a drink by Butler’s Wharf, and looking out at the river and the old docks, imagining what it was like in its heyday

What’s your personal London landmark?
It would be Roman Road Market – I used to work down there in the 80s, and it really was the place to be

What’s London’s best film, book or documentary?
I adored Julien Temple’s London: the Modern Babylon – it’s an amazing portrait of London in the good old days

What’s your favourite bar, pub or restaurant?
I used to drink regularly in the Horn of Plenty in Stepney, it was one of London’s great traditional boozers.

How would you spend your ideal day off in London?
Shopping, of course – so it would be a mooch around Harrods, followed by a decent meal in Chinatown and a few drinks with friends in an old East End pub.

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