The London Grill: Montserrat Cano

We challenge our contributor to reply to ten devilishly probing questions about their London and we don’t take “Sorry Gov” for an answer. Everyone sitting in the hot seat will face the same questions that range from their favourite way to spend a day out in the capital to their most hated building on London’s skyline to find out just what Londoners really think about their city. The questions might be the same but the answers vary wildly.


[A] cheese & choc lover and a marketer who would like to explore and share those aspects that still have the power to make her stay in the amazingly vibrant city of London after over 10 years. Montserrat regularly blogs about London and travel for those who are curious about life in London at A Londoner from Afar.

What’s your secret London tip?
Scratch the surface. There´s always something for everyone if you look for it.

What’s your secret London place?
I enjoy the small coffee shops, often hidden from the main roads, such as the Map Studio Cafe. They have music performances too!

What’s your biggest gripe about London?
It is hard to maintain friendships. I find it is easier to party with people than meeting them for coffee and a chat.

What’s your favourite building?
St. Paul´s cathedral by night, as seen from the Millennium Bridge.

What’s your most hated building?
The Shard, what were they thinking about when they even first drafted it? It´s Mordor via Bank.

What’s the best view in London?
The view from Primrose Hill is quite nice. I haven´t tried the London Eye, but the views from there must be magnificent, with so many landmarks.

What’s your personal London landmark?
A number of them, most notably the British Museum with the dome in the Great Court.

What’s London’s best film, book or documentary?
Hard to choose, as there are a few. The new Sherlock Holmes series with Benedict Cumberbatch, Closer. I have heard about a documentary called The Up Series, where seven kids´ lives are being followed since 1964, when they were seven years old, and where they assumed that their class would influence their future. It must be interesting to watch.

What’s your favourite bar, pub or restaurant?
I always look for the unusual and for the best quality. I have usually enjoyed the Feng Shui Inn. I am not a big fan of the expensive type, although the Madison, which overlooks St. Paul´s, is a good place for a special occasion. In terms of pubs, I can name some, but it is Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese stands out. Old, very big inside, it provides for different occasions, e.g., fine or pub dining, intimate.

How would you spend your ideal day off in London?
I would start by going to a market, such as Spitalfields or Camden, lunch in any pub overlooking the river. Then walk along the river to check on any activities organised there, going to the Aquarium or jumping on the Eye. An alternative would be catching a boat to either Hampton Court or Greenwich. Then, back to South Bank or to the West End to see a show or a concert and have dinner somewhere.

This ‘Grill’ was first posted on the Radio Taxis blog.

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