The Best Accommodations near Oxford University

The history and prestige that surrounds Oxford University is unlike any other college or university in the world. For hundreds of years some of the best minds, educators and thinkers have visited and gone to this university and just being on the hallowed grounds can make people get chills. Many people each year take the opportunity to visit Oxford UK and the university there either with the intentions of going to school there or just to see the place itself and walk the area. If you are planning a trip to see Oxford you are going to want to look at the fine Oxford City Centre hotels that are available so you can be right near all of the best attractions and events in the city.

Take in the Culture and More
Besides visiting the university there are a number of other great places that you can go in Oxford that offer insight into the area, history and culture. You can see events and shows that go on at the Oxford New Theatre or the Oxford Playhouse, visit the Ashmolean Museum or just stay around the Oxford City Centre and take in all of the unique boutiques, shops, cultural happenings and fine dining right in the area. You can also take advantage of using the Oxford train station or Oxford bus station to help you get around the city easily. Of course while you are in the area you want to advantage of staying at hotels near Oxford University such as the Vanbrugh House Hotel for an amazing hotel experience.

History, Elegance and Comfort
The Vanbrugh House is among the most elegant luxury hotels in Oxford City Centre. The hotel offers 22 elegant rooms and suites for guests and each room has a little something different to offer. Each room is designed and decorated in its own unique style, making use of handmade furnishings to give it the extra touch of elegance. The rooms all feature an elegant rainfall shower room with special spa toiletries, free Wi-Fi Internet access, comfortable bedding, a soft drink, snack and drink bar and much more. You can also enjoy classic British breakfasts and lunches prepared on site in the Dining House. You get all of this plus a highly attentive and friendly staff while staying at a location right in the City Centre that places you very near to Oxford University so you can spend as much time there as you would like during your visit.

A trip to Oxford University for many people is a once in a lifetime experience and you should enjoy it at a hotel that is fit for this type of experience. The Vanbrugh House Hotel fits this description exactly and will provide you with a hotel experience unlike any other you may have had elsewhere. When you are planning your trip to Oxford, be sure to check here for room availability so you can get the chance to have the elegant boutique hotel experience.


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